Don’t guess. Know.

Meeting the needs of IP stakeholders

There is a reason why Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies. It’s not just our workflow automation, configurability, ease-of-use, or even our robust reporting that sets us apart. Unlike other solutions, Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management is specifically designed to meet the different needs of IP stakeholders across the entire enterprise and beyond. So no matter what role you play in the IP management lifecycle, with Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management you aren’t guessing at the answer, how to do it, or what it will cost – you know.


Inventors can leverage Lecorpio Invention Disclosure Management to speed innovation and simplify processes regardless of the department in which they reside - Engineering, R&D, Product Management/Marketing or Corporate/Business Development. With an intuitive graphical user interface, inventors can:

  • Collaborate with others during idea development
  • Submit invention disclosures for approval by patent committee review boards
  • View real-time status of their submissions and awards

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Given the current climate, paralegals are likely being asked to do more with less. Whether it’s preparing filings, managing the docket, tracking oppositions, or any number of other administrative tasks, Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management provides paralegals with a centralized platform for managing all IP including patents, trademarks, domains and copyrights and all associated matters. Providing a truly comprehensive approach to IP, paralegals can:

  • Leverage configurable workflows for streamlining filing, docketing and other IP processes
  • Take advantage of country-specific templates covering more than 200 countries
  • Ensure that all requests are followed-up and all activity and correspondence is tracked
  • Manage licensing, policing, disputes and oppositions

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Inside Counsel

Managing IP portfolios has become increasingly complex. Important decisions about where and what to renew must be balanced against the need for innovation and new filing expenses. Without data-driven analysis, inside counsel are often forced to make important value and cost decisions blindly, without understanding the full impact of their decisions now, and into the future. With access to robust reporting and data-driven analysis, inside counsel can:

  • Gain real-time insight into the productivity and performance of the entire process
  • Make informed pruning decisions so that patent and family value, history, and renewal fees can be considered before each patent is renewed or let go
  • Perform graphical analysis on to understand gaps in innovation and geographical coverage

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Outside Counsel

As part of the extended enterprise, outside counsel is critical to the success of every IP department and with Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management, they can demonstrate the value that they bring to the process. Specifically, outside counsel can:

  • Collaborate with inventors, paralegals and inside counsel
  • Upload documentation
  • Submit invoices for review and approval

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Chief IP Counsel

Chief IP Counsel face increasing complexity as they seek to align IP strategy with business goals while protecting the company’s intellectual property and adhering to budgets. To address these issues Lecorpio provides the industry's most comprehensive Intellectual Property Management solution enabling Chief IP Counsel to:

  • Implement form and structure to the entire IP management lifecycle
  • Gain insight into and control of all IP assets
  • Adhere to budgets and accurately forecast future years
  • Make data-driven IP decisions to maximize portfolio value and minimize risk

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Business Line Managers

Intellectual property portfolios have become a highly strategic business asset, but for business line managers, getting a clear picture of the current landscape for their product lines has historically been difficult. Fortunately, with Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management, Business Line Managers can:

  • Take advantage of executive dashboards for at-a-glance views of filing rates by technology, business unit, geography and more
  • Gain insight into the patent pipeline and forecasts
  • Identify and reward MVIs (Most Valuable Inventors)
  • Uncover technology and coverage gaps and identify potential opportunities

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