Streamline and simplify the trademark management lifecycle

Lecorpio Trademark Management

Lecorpio Trademark Management provides form, discipline and structure to the entire trademark lifecycle including trademark search request submission and review; trademark docketing, filing, prosecution through registration; and transactions including licensing, policing and oppositions.

Lecorpio Trademark Management also provides comprehensive features for domains and copyright management including domain profiles, Whois contacts, DNS settings, renewal instructions and more.

With Lecorpio Trademark Management, users can:

Key features include:

Unprecedented transparency and control

Lecorpio Trademark Management is configurable and works the way you do rather than making you conform to a best practice that isn’t yours. It offers both mid- and large-sized enterprise users the flexibility to handle diverse requirements by providing flexible customer preferences and task parameters.

“After reviewing numerous potential suppliers, we concluded that Lecorpio was the right choice for us”

Alex Kuszewski,
 Senior IP Counsel, Rockwell Automation

Trademark clearance management

Using the web-based portal, marketing and branding teams are able to submit new search requests for clearance. The trademark team can provide clearance opinions, attribution requirements and provide approvals for filing or use. All correspondence is tracked and all clearance reports can be stored within the system for future reference.

Docketing management

Once the decision to file has been made, users can rely upon built-in docketing capabilities. With access to over 200 country rules and over 2000 notification actions, Lecorpio Trademark Management automates every prosecution task. When relying upon outside counsel for registration and renewal of marks, access can be granted so that they can provide status updates. To further automate this process, users can create pre-defined lists of countries for docketing.

Portfolio management

All trademarks under management can be categorized and associated to law firms, brands, groups, business units, or technology. The system provides comprehensive case management capabilities for managing brands, trademarks, disputes and agreements and can store proof of use, brand guidelines, licenses and any other documentation associated with each case. Activity, such as oppositions, enforcements, or litigation can be tracked and alerts can be set so that you never miss an important date - and you have a 360 degree view of all activity associated to the brand and/or trademark. In addition, Lecorpio Trademark Management can be integrated with Outlook™ and other e-mail systems to track all correspondence. And with Lecorpio’s commitment to ensuring the highest levels of data and system security and, users can rest-assured knowing that their data is protected.

Robust reporting and analytics

Easy-to-use reporting and analytics enables users to get at the information that they need to make informed data-driven decisions. Executive dashboards provide users with an at-a-glance view, and detailed reporting provides in-depth analysis based to understand potential risks, and opportunities to maximize value.