Make informed, data-driven decisions to maximize portfolio value

Lecorpio Patent Management

Centrally manage all patent case history, including categorization and classification of filings, and all correspondence and associated documentation. Lecorpio Patent Management supports country-specific prosecution workflows, docketing management and USPTO integration. And with robust reporting and analytics, companies can quickly access the information that they need to make informed decisions.

With Lecorpio Patent Management, users can:

Key features include:

Centralized repository

Patent case information is centrally organized into electronic case files. All correspondence and emails between attorneys, inventors and paralegals is stored in the electronic case file to provide a single source of all relevant information.

“Deploying Lecorpio has provided us with greater visibility across our IP and the ability to quickly determine our patent strength in key technology areas,”

Peggy Chern,
 Corporate Counsel, Keyssa


Lecorpio Patent Management is configurable and works the way you do rather than making you conform to a best practice that isn’t yours. It offers both mid- and large-sized enterprise users the flexibility to handle diverse requirements by providing flexible customer preferences and task parameters.

Prosecution workflow management

Prosecution actions include specific templates and workflow for each prosecution action. The examples include restriction requirements, office actions, response to office action, other Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) correspondence, notices of allowance, checklists, allowed claims, and more. Official correspondence is stored as unalterable images in the exact form in which they were filed or received from the patent office.

Docketing Management

Docketing Management is fully integrated with case files, docketing is automatically associated with cases, and the user can instantly link from docket to the case file, or from case file to docket. Lecorpio Patent Management provides statutory country rules and custom generated rules are supported as well.

Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Management

Lecorpio IDS Management provides features for uploading different types of references/citations, linking references to multiple patent applications and patents and workflow to manage cross-referencing review and approval processes. The software generates IDS forms and keeps track of updates made on references for auditing purposes.

Patent portfolio management

Create, manage and analyze portfolios and cluster them by technology areas, product groups and other business factors.

Robust reporting and analytics

Easy-to-use reporting and analytics enables users to get at the information that they need to make informed data-driven decisions. Executive dashboards provide users with an at-a-glance view, and detailed reporting provides in-depth analysis based to understand potential risks and opportunities to maximize value.