The right information, to the right person, at the right time

Lecorpio Invention Disclosure Management

Speed innovation and simplify processes with this easy-to-use, web-based portal utilized by inventors to collaborate during idea development and to submit new invention disclosures. Configurable workflows facilitate patent committee approval processes and decisions are tracked for future reference.

With Lecorpio Invention Disclosure Management, users can:

Key features include:

Self-service for inventors and reviewers

Inventors can use any browser and any language to submit their ideas and track their submissions as they move through the process. Patent committee members, evaluators, and subject matter experts can provide their ratings and recommendations electronically, as well as in a scheduled meeting environment.

“Maintaining a strategic defensive IP portfolio is a necessity in today’s competitive business environment, and we’ve made significant strides over the past year using Lecorpio. Lecorpio enables us to strategically analyze our patent portfolio as it relates to current market conditions and that helps ensure that our portfolio remains relevant over time,”

Jared Engstrom, Senior Patent
 Attorney, Red Hat


Lecorpio Invention Disclosure Management is configurable and works the way you do rather than making you conform to a best practice that isn’t yours. It offers both mid- and large-sized enterprise users alike the flexibility to handle diverse requirements by providing configurable customer preferences and task parameters.

Automated review and approval

Reviewer selection is automated based on pre-defined business rules, such as business units, technology areas, locations or any combination thereof. The system puts the right information in front of the right people, at the right time.

Automated inventor awards calculation

Lecorpio’s business rules engine processes inventor awards automatically based on specific business rules. Inventors can view the status of their awards in real-time.

Robust reporting and analytics

Easy-to-use reporting and analytics enables users to get at the information that they need to make informed data-driven decisions. Executive dashboards provide users with an at-a-glance view, and detailed reporting provides in-depth analysis based to understand potential risks, and opportunities to maximize value.

External integration with operational systems

Import HR data from external systems to leverage the latest information about inventors, including their addresses and employment status.

Activity log

Lecorpio Inventor Disclosure Management provides an audit trail, which tracks each and every change made by inventors and reviewers on the invention disclosure including what and when the user changed.