Unprecedented transparency and control

Lecorpio Annuity Management

With Lecorpio Annuity Management, companies can leverage powerful reporting and analytics to make informed pruning decisions so that patent and family value, history, and renewal fees can be considered before each patent is renewed or let go. And by partnering with leading payment providers, Lecorpio remains focused on providing industry-leading reporting, analytics and technology to drive better decisions and streamline processes.

With Lecorpio Annuity Management, users can:

Key features include:

Advanced analytics

With Lecorpio Annuity Management companies can gain insight into portfolio costs, growth, and processing times by geography, patent family and business unit. Access to this information enables users to make informed data-driven decisions about what and where to renew.

“Our strategy is to partner with leading payment providers so that we remain focused on providing industry-leading reporting, analytics and technology to drive better decisions and streamline processes.”

Jay Madsen,
 Lecorpio, CEO

Configurable workflow

Lecorpio Annuity Management is configurable and works the way you do rather than making you conform to a best practice that isn’t yours. It offers both mid- and large-sized enterprise users the flexibility to handle diverse requirements, enabling users to gain full or partial consensus before final decisions to abandon are made.

Easy-to-use payment reconciliation

With an intuitive user interface, Lecorpio Annuity management enables users to reconcile payments and access full account history, balances and monthly invoices – so that there is never any question about the current status of payments.

Activity log

Lecorpio Annuity Management provides an audit trail, which tracks the actions of every reviewer, when the patent renewal status was updated, who made the change, and what the status was prior to the change.

Solution Series Webinar: Budgeting and Forecasting

See first-hand how Lecorpio’s revolutionary ‘real-data’ approach to managing IP budgets can enable you to quickly and confidently:

  • Manage budgets directly in your IP management system for greater efficiency
  • Justify budgets to Finance based upon the actual prosecution pipeline and ‘real-data’ reports
  • Create budgets and track expenditures, including accruals, to manage annual spend and OC costs more accurately
  • Forecast expenses based upon actual prosecution pipeline and docket, in order to hit quarterly and annual budgets
  • Gain confidence when working with Finance knowing exactly where you are relative to the overall budget, and work in process

Join this 45-minute live demonstration scheduled for Thursday, May 25th at 10am PT.

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