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Lecorpio’s Second Annual Trademark Management Study Reveals Stability and Growth in Corporate Trademark Activity

Fremont, Calif., May 16, 2017Lecorpio, The leader in intellectual property (IP) management and analytics software solutions, today announced the results of its second annual Lecorpio Trademark Management Study which was recently conducted among the company’s corporate counsel clients. Asking the same battery of questions as last year, the Study again benchmarked growth in corporate trademark portfolios and in-house trademark teams, and captured budget differences for watching, clearance, policing and reliance upon outside counsel..

Elisa Cooper, VP of Marketing at Lecorpio, remarked, “The 2017 Lecorpio Trademark Management Study showed that trademark budgets and portfolios are holding steady for most, and growing for some. The largest budget uptick was for trademark policing where 36% of respondents said their budgets had increased over the past year. Last year, only 18% had reported increased policing budgets so the number doubled this year compared to last year’s results.”

Highlights of the Lecorpio Trademark Management Study results include:

  • The vast majority of respondents (82%) said their budgets for registering trademarks had stayed the same as last year. The remaining 18% reported that trademark registration budgets were increasing.
  • 73% of respondents said their trademark portfolios had stayed the same size, and 27% reported increased portfolio size.
  • More than a third (36%) indicated their budgets for trademark policing had increased since last year. The other 64% reported no change.
  • Reliance on outside counsel for TM matters had decreased for 18% of respondents. 72% reported no change and 9% had relied on outside counsel more than last year.
  • 18% of companies said their internal team responsible for managing trademarks had decreased, 63% reported no change, and 18% said their internal team had grown.
  • 90% of respondents’ budgets for trademark watching and clearance were the same as the previous year. 10% of watching/clearance budgets had increased since last year.

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Lecorpio, the leader in IP management and analytics software solutions, helps innovative companies quickly turn ideas into assets. The company’s enterprise-class suite of applications spans the entire IP supply chain, including invention disclosure management, patent and trademark management, e-billing, licensing management and general matters management. The Lecorpio solution includes powerful workflow capabilities that easily configure to a company's business process and includes an IP dashboard with over 160 KPIs.

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