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Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. Chooses Lecorpio IP Management Solution for Modernized Patent Workflow, Meaningful Reporting and Top-Notch Security

Fremont, Calif., April 05, 2016 — Lecorpio, the leader in intellectual property (IP) management and analytics software solutions, announced today that high-speed transportation innovator Hyperloop Technologies, Inc., has selected Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management. Once Lecorpio is fully rolled out at Hyperloop Tech, the software will have many benefits including streamlining its innovation gathering process, organizing its patent-related data for instant reporting, and protecting its IP data with unparalleled security.

Hyperloop Tech is developing a widely publicized “energy elegant” high speed, high efficiency transportation system. The company’s prolific engineers are actively inventing and filing patents at an increasing rate as they anticipate having a working model by the end of 2016. They needed a state-of-the-art, sophisticated solution like Lecorpio to accommodate their technical requirements and fast invention pace.

Adam Lewental, IP Law Clerk at Hyperloop Tech, explained: “Hyperloop Tech is a company centered around innovation and Lecorpio meshes perfectly with that. Lecorpio will help us stay on top of our IP development in an organized, efficient way as we continue to grow exponentially. It will help us establish more transparency within Hyperloop Tech as our inventors, legal team and executives can track progress of inventions and patents. Lecorpio is easy-to use and intuitive, and its platform was built with high-level security in mind that other companies charge extra for. The company’s responsive staff made it clear that our needs were their first priority. We are looking forward to completing the implementation of Lecorpio.”

Lecorpio CEO Jay Madsen remarked, “Hyperloop Tech is one of the most innovative companies in the transportation industry today, proactively creating the transportation solutions of the future. Similarly, Lecorpio has pioneered its own innovation in the IP management space, so our companies are well-suited to each other. We are truly proud to have Hyperloop Tech as a new customer.”

About Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. (“Hyperloop Tech”)

Hyperloop Tech is developing the fifth mode of transportation. Hyperloop Tech is an ultra-high-speed transportation system, coupling highly energy-efficient propulsion within an evacuated tube to yield an “energy elegant” solution for the future, creating efficient travel for commerce - for people, cargo and trade. And to enable on-demand transport, Hyperloop Tech pods are much smaller than most planes and trains and are designed to depart as often as every 10 seconds. Visit for more information.

About Lecorpio, LLC

Lecorpio, the leader in IP management and analytics software solutions, helps innovative companies quickly turn ideas into assets. The company’s enterprise-class suite of applications spans the entire IP supply chain, including invention disclosure management, patent and trademark management, e-billing, licensing management and general matters management. The Lecorpio solution includes powerful workflow capabilities that easily configure to a company's business process and includes an IP dashboard with over 160 KPIs.

Primarily marketed to corporate law departments specializing in IP matters, Lecorpio’s adaptable IP management software-as-a-service creates one central repository for IP information. Lecorpio’s powerful solution simplifies data management processes for attorneys and paralegals through the entire IP lifecycle, from invention disclosure to patent management to billing, monetization and litigation. Also, Lecorpio helps clients to control costs by automating processes and increasing efficiency.

Lecorpio is used by 5 of the top 20 most active US patent filers, in addition to other well-known innovators such as Adobe, T-Mobile, Rockwell Automation, NEC, NetApp and Red Hat. Visit for more information.

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