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For a look back on IP related blog entries: “2015 IP Year in Review”, “Legaltech Ten Years later”

2016 IP Management Trends

With the close of 2016, I couldn’t help but think about the top 5 IP management trends that I’ve observed over the past year. 

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Working with Inventors – Five Simple Steps for Supercharging Your Company’s Patent Program

One of the biggest challenges faced by IP departments is ensuring that new ideas and inventions are captured. Of course, it’s critical to remember that the submission of invention disclosures that are so valuable to IP departments are unlikely to be the primary concern of your inventors. With limited exceptions, most inventors aren’t focused on “inventing” – they have day jobs. They are likely more concerned with creating, building or enhancing new products and services that can be sold, rather than capturing those ideas in invention disclosure forms so that they can be patented. This also means that their thinking can sometimes be limited to what will likely be productized and not necessarily what might be possible or innovative. To supercharge your company’s patent program, consider these five simple steps:

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Legaltech Ten Years Later: 2006 v. 2016

In 2006, I attended my first Legaltech, one of the largest legal technology shows in the United States.  As a tech insider, but legal outsider, I was shocked the abominable condition of legal technology.  Many solution providers were actually bragging about their new web browser interfaces or the fact that their application was based on... wait for it...SQL Server!  Mind you, all of this would have been much more interesting in 1999, but by 2006 this was old news, if news at all.  So, enough history.  Where is legal technology today? 

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2015 IP Year in Review

With SCOTUS decisions, shifting litigation trends and changing IP policies, last year was certainly a busy one for the IP community. With so much going on, it was difficult to limit the list to just ten items. But here is what I consider to be the top ten IP stories from 2015.

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Lecorpio Tops Hyperion Research Report #HumbleBrag

Well, this is my first post as the Vice President of Product Management at Lecorpio and I’ll have to say that I’m pretty excited to be able to land here under these circumstances. Just days after I landed, Hyperion Research’s Annual MarketView Report on Intellectual Property Management solutions was published. Of course, as soon as it arrived, we tore into it and read every detail and added up all the scores. Now, they don’t announce a winner, but if you add up the scores, there is one company that has more points than the rest, and it starts with an “L”.

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