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Consero’s Global IP Management Forum

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at Consero’s Global IP Management Forum in Newport Beach, California this week, where Karl Renner and Gwilym Attwell from Fish & Richardson facilitated the conference program. My panel on “Protecting Global IP While Keeping To Budget” included such luminaries as Jeff Duncan from Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc., Kim Jessum from Heraeus Incorporated, Dr. Tim Joyce from Bayer West Coast Corporation and Julie Vanderzanden from Jarden Corp.

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CodeX FutureLaw 2016

Recently, I attended CodeX’s fourth annual FutureLaw 2016 conference, which was hosted by the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. The conference featured an impressive group of speakers and attendees, who ranged from academics and policy makers to lawyers, investors, engineers and entrepreneurs. The conference focused on how technology is changing the landscape of the legal profession, the law itself, and how these changes will eventually impact us all.

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Top 3 Things to Look For in an Intellectual Property Management Solution

First of all, let’s establish a few assumptions. Number one, I assume you actually want to manage the entirety of your practice within the business, not just some portion of it. There are lots of point solutions out there that will help you with this or that, but not the whole package. Worse, some people actually try to force a point solution to manage assets or processes for which it was not designed. Ironically, they often spend very expensive human resources to make up for the inefficiencies of their so called savings.

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Lecorpio Actively Supports the Trade Protection Not Troll Protection Act

It was a privilege to have Lecorpio sign onto a recent letter of support for Congressmen Tony Cárdenas and Blake Farenthold’s introduction of H.R. 4829, the Trade Protection Not Troll Protection Act. Several Lecorpio clients and other IP thought leaders had signed onto this letter of support as well.

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All Data Is Not Created Equal: The Importance of Understanding Public Data in a Proprietary Context

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of thought and attention on the legal data and analytics space. And as the cost of data acquisition and storage goes down, we’re finding new ways to use the piles of data we can now access. This reminds me a bit of the telephone book industry 20+ years ago. At some point in the 1990’s somebody realized that by using inexpensive resources overseas, the publicly available data in the phone book could be digitized and then sold as a database on disks back in the US. At first, this was quite novel. But once the cat was out of the bag, more companies got into the mix. Eventually, the data became such an inexpensive commodity that we take it for granted. When was the last time you opened a paper phone book, or even looked up a phone number on a so-called “white pages” or “yellow pages” website?

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