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Bringing with her 20 years of marketing experience, Elisa Cooper joined Lecorpio in 2015 to lead the organization’s marketing strategy and execution. She is responsible for product marketing, PR, demand generation and communications. Having served in various marketing and product management roles at MarkMonitor for over a dozen years, Elisa brings extensive experience in IP, trademarks and domains. Elisa completed her undergraduate degree and graduate work in Communication Studies at San Jose State University.

On Track for 2017 Patent Filing Commitments?

It’s now February, one month into the new year. Are you trending to meet your 2017 patent filing commitments? Of course, we’ve all been saying quality over quantity – but for many companies, tracking the number of filings is still one of the most straight-forward ways to gauge the success of their patent programs. Below are three key questions that every patent department should be asking.

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Working with Inventors – Five Simple Steps for Supercharging Your Company’s Patent Program

One of the biggest challenges faced by IP departments is ensuring that new ideas and inventions are captured. Of course, it’s critical to remember that the submission of invention disclosures that are so valuable to IP departments are unlikely to be the primary concern of your inventors. With limited exceptions, most inventors aren’t focused on “inventing” – they have day jobs. They are likely more concerned with creating, building or enhancing new products and services that can be sold, rather than capturing those ideas in invention disclosure forms so that they can be patented. This also means that their thinking can sometimes be limited to what will likely be productized and not necessarily what might be possible or innovative. To supercharge your company’s patent program, consider these five simple steps:

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The Single Most Important Quality to Look for When Selecting a Legal Software Provider

Over the last 10 years, I’ve often written about the importance of ensuring that your legal software providers have taken measures to secure their systems – so you might naturally expect me to say that security is the single most important quality to look for when choosing a legal software provider. And if we’ve ever met, I’ve probably spoken about the need for solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use, or provide access to information that can enable informed, data-driven decisions. Yes, undoubtedly – all of these factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a legal software provider. And in fact, at Lecorpio, we pride ourselves on delivering these capabilities.

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Which Comes First, the Trademark or Domain?

For years, the question of exactly when to register a domain name has been one asked by legal departments, as they’ve sought to formalize their internal processes.

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2015 IP Year in Review

With SCOTUS decisions, shifting litigation trends and changing IP policies, last year was certainly a busy one for the IP community. With so much going on, it was difficult to limit the list to just ten items. But here is what I consider to be the top ten IP stories from 2015.

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Evaluating Intellectual Property Management Solutions? Consider These Six Must-Haves

More than ever, IP departments are looking to technology to simplify management, streamline processes, and gain better insight into their IP portfolios. They are also looking for ways to maximize the value of their portfolios by making smarter, data-driven decisions regarding where and what to file, and what to renew. But before any IPM (Intellectual Property Management) solution is even considered, these six must-haves should remain top-of-mind.

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How Secure Are Your IP Management Systems?

Legal departments rely upon their vendors to keep their data safe. Just think of the data that they are managing?

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New Research Uncovers Perspectives on Innovation and IP

Earlier this year, Hyperion Research surveyed those responsible for the management of intellectual property within Global 1000 companies to assess what innovation leaders really valued most – and a number of Hyperion’s findings were unexpected. For example, only 58% of respondents said that they were using indicators to measure performance of IP programs, and only 30% had deployed tools to analyze performance of IP programs.

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